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Whether you're preparing for your first 5-k or you're a seasoned marathon vet, SmartCoachPLUS has the individualized training plan you need to accomplish your goal and cross the finish line — in record time!

While other running programs only offer you "boilerplate" plans, RUNNER'S WORLD SmartCoachPLUS gives you total control of the plan. By inputting a few simple variables like age, past race times, and how hard you want to train, SmartCoachPLUS creates a new, fully adjustable plan just for you!

Fully adjustable? That's right! Say you're two weeks in and realize the plan is too hard for you — just change your difficulty level and you're ready to go! Or say you miss a training day because of sickness or injury — the program can be adjusted to compensate for your missed training. Pretty cool, right?

SmartCoachPLUS can guide you step-by-step to your best time ever. It’s EASY! With SmartCoachPLUS you can train smart:

Custom plans in a few easy steps!
Every workout — long run or speed — tuned to your
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Miss a workout? No problem. Simply adjust your plan.
Only SmartCoachPLUS predicts your race time. Reach
your goal at any distance — even qualify for Boston!

The only thing standing between you and a great finish is smart preparation. So get moving! Start smart and finish strong — with SmartCoachPLUS!
If you select the 1-month plan, you will be charged at a monthly rate of $19.95; or the 4-month plan for $34.95. After the initial period, we will continue to provide the Runner's World SmartCoach PLUS services to you for additional periods of the same length at the same rates described above. You authorize us to charge your credit card at the beginning of each service period until you cancel. You may cancel the Runner's World SmartCoach PLUS service at any time by emailing or calling customer service, or online at the "My Account" page.